The Anger Toolkit Printable CA$27
A printable package designed to help children aged 3-9 who experience anger. This printable features over 30 engaging worksheets, colouring pages, activities and printable posters created by a team of child therapists and early childhood educators!

Being mad isn’t bad. Our job isn’t to stop our kids from being angry; it’s to teach them HOW to be angry.

With The Anger Toolkit, your child will learn how to express their anger in healthy ways, they’ll learn how to use calming tools to cool their body down when they are filled with anger, they’ll begin to learn how to problem solve to avoid situations that might cause them to feel angry, and as you go through the toolkit together, you’ll gain insights into nurturing their emotional well-being.

The Anger Toolkit includes:

  • Engaging activities to help you and your child understand their anger, such as the fillable “It’s Okay to Get Mad” storybook.
  • Fun worksheets, games, and colouring pages to teach your child how to cope with and express their anger.
  • Printable posters full of soothing mantras and calming tools that help your child find healthy ways to release their anger.
  • Plus, so much more!

The Anger Toolkit can be helpful for neurodivergent children.

This is a digital product for you to download and print at home!

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