The Worry Toolkit$27

The Worry Toolkit is a printable toolkit designed to help children aged 3-9 who grapple with worry and anxiety. It features over 40 engaging worksheets, including a captivating storybook, colouring sheets, printable posters, and activities created by a team of child therapists and early childhood educators. 

With The Worry Toolkit, your child will learn to manage their emotions, develop resilience, and conquer fears and includes: 

  • A fillable "I am the Boss of My Mind" storybook on worry 
  • A “Worry Journal” to help your child process a specific fear 
  • Engaging worksheets and posters to teach your child they are capable of doing hard things 
  • Soothing mantras and calming tools to help your child confidently cope with their worries 

The Worry Toolkit is incredibly user-friendly! Simply print it out and use it at home or in the classroom, whether you're a parent or a teacher.

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This printable toolkit includes a "Sometimes I Get Mad..." fillable storybook, fun worksheets, games and colouring pages to teach your child how to cope with and express their anger. You’ll also get soothing mantras and calming tool printables for your fridge, mirror, or calming corner!
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